Retail Industry


Deliver a unified shopping experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is a complete enterprise retail management system – a single, integrated strategy for driving compelling customer experiences while controlling costs.

Fashion, food, or FMCG. Whichever your particular area of retail, you will face unique daily operational challenges.

One thing is certain. Today’s retail customers shop and research products very differently from before. Customers move from social networks, to online stores, to in-store experiences, and they expect a seamless, integrated, and consistent engagement. For retailers to stay relevant and compete it’s not sufficient to simply digitise paper-based processes and patch together disparate digital and physical solutions. Retailers will need to re-imagine their customer experiences and business processes from the ground up.

Instead of maintaining separate legacy systems for each retail channel, Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers a unified solution that spans all channels. Deploying an integrated system enables your operation to evolve business practices to keep pace with rapid change, and to drive quantifiable increases in traffic, conversion, basket size, promotional effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

WITH DYNAMICS 365 Enterprise Edition, YOUR BUSINESS CAN...

  • Benefit from support for third-party storefronts and integration with content management systems
  • Create orders and quotes without leaving the customer’s side using POS-based order support capabilities
  • Implement promotions, discounts, coupons and more via social sites; monitor performance, publish content, and manage knowledge and brand awareness
  • Create product catalogs and categorisation schemes with the Catalog Manager that can be targeted to, or shared between channels
  • Track inventory in real time
  • Manage multiple or dual shift/cash drawers – enabling two cashiers to use a POS register off and on while maintaining their own cash drawer
  • Enable sales staff to process sales transactions, customer orders, and perform daily operations from mobile devices anywhere in the store
  • Capture data across all channels and combine with third-party data sources
  • Incentivise customers with cross-channel loyalty programs, promotions and gift cards
  • Allow customers to start orders online and complete in-store, buy in-store and ship to home, buy online and pick up in-store, or ship from any store
  • Engage with customers through assisted sales using rich customer purchase intelligence regardless of what channel they shop in
  • Provide employees immersive and richer experiences through role-tailored POS UI, support of multiple platforms, multiple devices, as well as integration to peripherals such as receipt printers and scanners
  • Empower employees through highly flexible and rich inventory management, daily operations and KPI reporting, and engaging customer data including omni-channel wish-lists
  • Deploy eCommerce solutions rapidly and reduce time to value through multiple out-of-the-box storefronts with publishing and checkout flows, with full access to customise storefronts

Dynamics 365 for FMCG

Today, consumers expect a consistent and streamlined shopping experience across all retail channels, as they connect, research and purchase both online and in-store. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations puts all distribution channels onto a single, integrated platform, ensuring FMCG retailers can deliver a seamless cross-channel experience.

Intelligent tools to better collect and understand data on shoppers’ behaviours enable greater promotional personalisation and effectiveness. Using sophisticated space optimisation and consumer segmentation analytics, Dynamics 365 gets more from customer data, to improve forecasting and ensure optimal replenishment.

Empower employees, engage customers

Empower employees with role-optimised solutions that enable them to provide outstanding service and collaborate with ease. Providing the right information for all job functions helps increase employee engagement and allows them to deliver differentiated and personalised customer service.

Put customers first with technology that engages at a personal level. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers solutions to collect and understand customer behaviours and respond with offers and experiences that are personal, engaging, and relevant. Accurately predict demand with machine learning models and maximise customer engagement through actionable data insights.

Transform your products

Find new ways to deliver value to customers. Manage a pipeline of ideas and align them with strategic priorities to bring new and innovative products and services to market rapidly and effectively. 

The Dynamics 365 unified platform helps foster a culture of innovation by making it easier for people to connect, share information, and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries.

The embedded Power BI delivers maximum insight from your retail analytics. Transactions, supply chain, buying behaviours, trends, and multi-channel sales – the data is always available and current. Use a mix of digital channels and methods to proactively listen, learn, and engage in order to optimise delivery of new products and services.

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