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Reduce costs and drive higher margins. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Azure IoT deliver economic efficiencies and productivity improvements at every level of the manufacturing operation.

Companies are increasingly required to adapt to rapid changes in their business environment in order to succeed – whether it is managing fluctuations in their supply chain, measuring vendor performance, handling new customer demands or reducing the time to market.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX) enables businesses to standardise, streamline and accelerate their manufacturing processes. The integrated system vastly improves planning and decision-making, and increases transparency throughout the entire business.  

With native Power BI business intelligence, Dynamics 365 affords manufacturers and distributors deep insight into their supply chain without cross-referencing multiple systems. Enhanced visibility allows organisations to ensure the quality of their products, as well as provide those products at the right time.

ANEGIS industry expertise

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Supported modules

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can...

Streamline and integrate all manufacturing management processes
  • Reduce raw material inventory, close periods and production run preparation time
  • Boost production without increasing overhead
  • Reduce operating costs by replacing highly disparate systems with a single unified platform
Gain complete control over resource planning and scheduling
  • Automatically replan production sequences when sales demand changes
  • Optimise use of raw material stock after each replan
  • Operate static and dynamic master plans for agile forecasting and rescheduling on demand
  • Create on-the-fly bills of material and routes for sales and production variants
Tightly control costs
  • View work-in-progress activities with actual costs and timelines
  • Avoid potential delays and cost overruns
  • Reduce stock holding cost by applying just-in-time principles to warehouse
Increase visibility and access to critical data
  • Optimise and automate vital purchasing, sales, and production decisions
  • Advance, delay or combine purchase orders and out-work orders dynamically as demand changes
  • Track sales and manufacturing order status in real-time to meet customer requirements

IoT for manufacturing

ANEGIS deploys IoT solutions to integrate your shop floor manufacturing execution system (MES) with your ERP and CRM systems.

Real-time data collection and analysis delivers critical information to your production plan, allowing you to track and monitor asset performance, transform operational and supply chain processes, and enhance inventory management.

your manufacturing partner

ANEGIS has in-depth knowledge and a proven track record in the manufacturing sector.

We can provide a complete ERP solution to match your organisation’s unique requirements, enabling your business to meet change and build competitive advantage.

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