Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

ANEGIS IoT solutions integrate with your systems and applications to deliver data and insights that transform your business.


Get connected quickly

ANEGIS can connect new or existing asset telemetry with your back-end systems. Previously untapped or under-utilised operational data from millions of connected devices can now be analysed and acted upon to bring greater agility and profitability to your operational processes and supply chain management.

ANEGIS develops IoT solutions for applications including

Position monitoring
Position monitoring
Retail asset location tracking.
Supply chain control
Supply chain control
Product tracking and monitoring of storage conditions.
Smart product management
Smart product management
Automation of warehouse restocking processes.
Field service
Field service
Real-time asset performance with streaming data analysis.
Storage levels
Storage levels
Storage tank and cistern level monitoring.
Fleet tracking
Fleet tracking
Asset and route control.
Temperature monitoring
Temperature monitoring
Industrial, medical and retail asset temperature monitoring and control.
M2M applications
M2M applications
Machine auto-diagnosis and assets control.

Industry focus


Reduce the costs and risks of manufacturing. Inform and manipulate your production plan with real-time telemetry, integrated with your ERP system. Monitor the flow of live data to anticipate maintenance needs and head off potential problems. Predictive analytics allows the intelligent automation of operations and pre-emptive maintenance that can trigger automatic alerts and operational actions to avoid unscheduled downtime.

Real-time analytics can be set up without having to manage complex infrastructure and software, making it easy to configure dashboards with live metrics such as a machine’s performance, operating conditions, behaviours and failure potential.



From storefronts to hospitality establishments to entertainment venues, easily customised preconfigured solutions can reduce your operating costs, monitor quality and safety, improve equipment maintenance, and track supplies.

Inventory tracking and predictive maintenance bring efficiencies and business growth to diverse retail environments, from supermarkets and stadiums to restaurants and vending machines.



Transform processes, patient care and equipment maintenance. Use IoT sensors to track and maintain vital equipment, track hygiene practices, and monitor storage of supplies and medicine.

Use predictive maintenance to ensure critical medical devices are ready to use when they are needed by fixing problems before they occur.

With wearable sensors, doctors can allow patients to receive care at home, remotely tracking and responding to a patients’ health status in real time.


Natural resources

Increase natural resource and environmental efficiencies. Monitor the quality and environmental conditions of water utilities for cleaner drinking water, while tracking water consumption to save money and reduce usage.

By creating smart grids and optimising solar panel performance using remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, energy production is more efficiently aligned with demand.

Monitor environmental and safety conditions, track efficiency and waste management, and perform predictive maintenance to limit equipment downtime.


Smart cities

IoT solutions create safer, more efficient cities by transforming infrastructures, buildings, and services.

Remote monitoring of public assets can improve public service efficiency, from repairing broken street lamps to maintaining traffic lights to optimising rubbish truck routes. Usage tracking and smart grids can be applied to deliver a reliable, efficient, and greener energy transmission, allowing customer tariffs to be lowered. Connected building devices and systems also create healthier and more efficient living and working spaces.



Use IoT devices to track and monitor your fleet assets. Intelligent analytics allows predictive maintenance to keep vehicles on the road by fixing potential issues during downtime.

Fleet logistics can be streamlined using real-time data and alerts to optimise delivery routes, monitor performance, and quickly respond to delays or issues as they happen. The monitoring and processing of real-time traffic data helps manage transportation infrastructures, assess road conditions, and ease congestion.



In IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) scenarios stream analytics can process millions of events per second. Multiple streams can be compared, in real time, to each other or with historical values and models. Alerts can be set up to trigger when specific anomalies, thresholds or other conditions appear in the stream.

Mixed reality and IoT

The Microsoft HoloLens offers the unique ability to blend Mixed Reality with IoT. HoloLens Mixed Reality overlays the real world with digital content. The holographic overlays are seen directly within the user’s vision as they look around.

The ability to overlay holographic representations of Internet of Things objects over those very devices as you look at them can be used to implement a much more intuitive user experience for IoT that’s superior to a screen-based dashboard control. The user can simply look at any visible IoT device and control it with holographic controls or even voice commands.

IoT forecasts

Internet of things

by 2018
60% of decision-makers at global enterprises are using or planning to use IoT-enabled applications.
Forrester Research,
Nov. 2016
The total cost of ownership for business operations will be reduced by 30% through smart machines and industrialized services.
Gartner, Oct. 2015
IoT will result in 15% productivity improvements for manufacturers regarding innovation delivery and supply chain performance.
IDC, March 2016