Microsoft readies new Dynamics 365 on-premises options

Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) was initially released only as a cloud hosted solution. Microsoft have now confirmed the details and availability of the on-premises options. Two deployment versions will be available: ‘Cloud + edge’ (H2 2017) and ‘Local business data’ (Q2 2017).

Cloud + edge

The Cloud + edge deployment option gives businesses complete control when some of their mission critical business processes need uninterrupted execution. Cloud + edge combines a central cloud node with local application services and business data that is stored locally. The cloud connection ensures a single view of the business across the local instances and offers embedded Power BI, intelligent analytics and machine learning in business processes. The cloud instance also provides the local installation with data failover in Azure, automated deployment and continuous updates.

Local business data

In certain industries or countries there maybe requirements restricting storage of data in the cloud. A third deployment option, local business data, supports running business processes on-premises, with local transactions and data storage, without replication of any business data to the Microsoft cloud. With this option, there is now the choice to turn ON or turn OFF cloud synchronization of business data. If cloud synchronization is turned OFF, no business data leaves the trustee’s boundaries. For this deployment scenario, the application servers and SQL database will run in the customer (or partner) hosted data centre.

Flexible options

The choice of deployment options gives customers the flexibility to start on one scenario and change later. From full cloud to cloud + edge to local business data, you can move in either direction depending on the organisation’s business needs.

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