Data migration tool in AX 2012

After adding EDT that extends table we came across this error: “The relation under the extended data type (EDT) ProjId must be migrated to a table relation. Consider using the EDT relation migration tool.”

To use EDT relation migration tool with Dynamics AX 2012 we need to go into:

Before we start migrating it’s good to do refresh relation data:

This might take couple of minutes but we will have latest data, especially if the table is new the tool might not pick it up.

In me scenario I have new table to which I have added ProjId and SalesId and even thou adding SalesId prompt for EDT relation I still got the migration error:

When data is successfully refreshed we can search for the table that showed the error. We can see now that fields we added under “Migration status” have “Not migrated” we need to change “Migration action” from Skip to Migrate(or Mark as ignore EDT relation).

Now we just need to click on “Migrate single table” and our EDT relations will be updated, in our case we already had relation for SalesId and migration tool noticed this and instead of creating new simply updated old relation. Now when we compile we will see that both errors disappeared meaning the relations were migrated, in this scenario the table didn’t need new relations but sometimes after this process we will see that migration tool automatically added relations for specific EDT.

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Gabriela Raczka

Microsoft Dynamics Junior Developer from 2014. Currently studying Computer programming and Cryptography at WWSIS "Horizon" in Wrocław, Poland. Experience in CNC programming and in none technical fields like charity organisations.