Project recovery

Project recovery

If your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system fails to deliver on its promise, we have the experience to resolve the issues.

Our portfolio contains many recoveries and re-deployments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects that have failed entirely or just did not deliver in full.

Projects may fail to deliver for a variety of reasons. Poor outcomes often arise because partners do not have the right staff, they lack the necessary experience, they cannot manage the project or because the initial budget was set too low. These projects can always be recovered with the help of a competent partner who is open and up-front about the potential costs and knows how to push the buttons that will fix outstanding issues.

Your choice of partner

There are a surprising number of accredited partners who can do a thoroughly bad job of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX) software. 

Some are only in it for the licence fees, some can’t get the right staff and some are just plain inexperienced or incompetent at managing projects. Problems often arise right from the bidding process, where one partner underbids another with no real hope of implementing successfully for the price quoted.

Often, unsuccessful Dynamics 365 projects occur because the partner has failed to understand the complexity in the client’s business, and as a result the client didn’t set aside enough money in the budget to finish the job. This can result in a downward spiral of non-payment and non-delivery to the expected standard. It rarely ends well.  

All of our project rescues can be checked and referenced. We will carry out a one-day study free of charge and let you know the pure and unvarnished truth about what went wrong and how to fix it. This will include a written cost estimation and some measured advice on avoiding the pitfalls in future.  

Remedial work can range from simple retraining on software and processes to reengineering the solution from the ground up. This may include revised environments, configuration code development, use of different modules (or plug-ins) or just a different approach to using the software.

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Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Microsoft awards the highest status of gold partner in recognition of their “commitment, expertise, and the ability to succeed.”

  • Ability to ensure your project meets the business objectives.
  • Expertise and track record of delivering projects of all sizes and complexity.
  • Commitment to superior service and support.
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