Performance troubleshooting

Performance troubleshooting

Ensure your Dynamics 365 applications run at maximum efficiency. Your business relies on it.

When your system is experiencing performance issues and it is not reaching its full potential, your day-to-day operations will suffer, and the predicted ROI may not materialise. An ANEGIS performance assessment will not only ensure your system is running optimally, but will also increase overall user adoption and staff efficiency.

In the performance assessment for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (and older versions), ANEGIS undertakes an in-depth health check of your system to analyse the key issues being faced by your business and what changes are needed to optimise the processes.

The performance assessment can be used as a reactive service to alleviate bottlenecks and fine tune the system. It can also prove extremely valuable as a proactive service to optimise the system for higher transaction volumes when preparing for a busy season. Performance issues can be pre-empted by using the ANEGIS performance toolset and production instance telemetry to investigate proactively for usage patterns across applications.

We will conduct a review of your hardware infrastructure and server layout by monitoring the performance of those server components, identifying any issues related to hardware or sub-optimal system configuration.


A senior team will carry out a comprehensive process and architectural audit, and provide recommendations including:

  • ‍Design of system integrations and modifications
  • Long-running SQL queries
  • SQL Server infrastructure
  • Windows Server configuration
  • SQL Server instance and database settings
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 specific database settings
  • Physical storage configuration
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