IoT integration

IoT integration

Drastically improve your operational and supply chain processes by integrating new and existing data sources with your back-end systems.

ANEGIS deploys IoT solutions to integrate your assets with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing execution system (MES) and other back-end systems. Real-time data collection and analysis delivers critical information to your planning systems, allowing you to track and monitor asset performance, transform operational and supply chain processes, and enhance inventory management.

Employing the best talent from a range of robotics and engineering specialisations, ANEGIS develops scripting tools, development tools, API links, and API management tools that interface with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other enterprise applications.

Smart industry

Competing in the era of Industry 4.0 requires a platform that integrates back-end systems and operations technology as well as communicating with the electronics embedded in products, materials, equipment and tooling.

ANEGIS understands that downtime, even seconds, in critical shop-floor systems can have significant financial impact, and are able to deploy solutions without operational disruption. ANEGIS can also implement a wide range of preconfigured solutions to avoid the complexity and costs of designing an IoT solution and to easily scale from a few devices to a few million.

Low risk implementation

Three-phase implementation minimises the risk of system migration and maximises ROI:

  • ‍Deploy a proof of concept to a small subset of your targeted business case
  • Refine the solution and scale out to production
  • Realise greater value by extending to new business processes and scenarios
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