Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Connect to the data that matters most to you. Monitor, analyse and share, with rich dashboards available on every device.


Power BI overview

Power BI delivers reliable and up-to-date data, from across departments and systems, to drive informed decision making and agility throughout your business. In one click, go from an ordinary spreadsheet to a dashboard with insightful visuals and data-rich reports.

Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, big data, streaming data, and cloud services: it doesn’t matter what type of data you want or where it resides, Power BI allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources and get answers quickly.

Leave the business, design and architecture challenges to us. ANEGIS builds enterprise-ready Power BI solutions that are scalable, extensible and secure. We ensure your Power BI tools complement your ERP solution to meet the insight needs of decision-makers anywhere in your organisation.

With Power BI you can…

Use natural language

Query your data using natural language. Power BI permits users to ask questions of their data without needing to learn complex query languages. As a question is typed or spoken, visualisations appear that are successively refined.

Perform ad-hoc analysis

Perform ad-hoc analysis that blends structured and unstructured data in familiar spreadsheets with Excel. The Power BI Desktop allows for drag-and-drop data exploration and interactive reporting on a free-form canvas.

Collaborate effectively

Keep your team on the same page by uploading reports to the Power BI service. Distribute live reports and dashboards by email or text messages. Engage your customers and colleagues by sharing your data.

Transform data

Personalise report formats to suit your needs. With Power BI’s data shaping and modelling capabilities you can transform and clean your data quickly and efficiently.

Act instantly

Set up user-defined alerts with email and messaging integration. Discover important insights in time and act on them instantly. Access and interact with your data at any time and on any device.


Why choose Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI has now developed into a more fully functional package that ranks at the top of the self-service BI space.

Source: Editor's choice 2016, PCMAG.COM.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics 2017

Source: Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics 2017, Gartner.

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Reporting and Business Intelligence
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