Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft Azure Internet of things (IoT)

Designed for rapid, easy deployment, the Azure IoT Suite integrates with your systems and applications to deliver data and insights that transform your business.

The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite can connect new or existing asset telemetry with your back-end systems. Easily set up and configured, advanced analytics and machine learning services enable previously untapped or under-utilised data to be analysed and acted upon.

Large quantities of operational data from millions of connected devices can now be harnessed to bring greater agility and profitability to your operational processes and supply chain management.

Preconfigured solutions

Predictive maintenance

Predictive technology is moving manufacturing beyond real-time analytics to anticipate and correct problems before they occur – even for millions of machines spread across the world. Predictive maintenance solutions take advantage of streaming data from sensors and devices to recognise warning signs, predict when equipment needs maintenance, and pre-emptively service that equipment before costly repairs are required.


Remote monitoring

Assets located anywhere in the world can be monitored from afar. Remote monitoring solutions collect live data from assets, and use that data to trigger automatic alerts and operational actions based on current conditions, such as remote diagnostics and maintenance requests. Evolve from a manual, costly procedure to one that is dynamic and automated using IoT data.


Connected field service

Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely before your customers know there's a problem. Configure your system to automatically dispatch the right technician and tools to deliver a first-time fix before an issue escalates.


Smart buildings

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase occupant satisfaction and productivity using IoT. Gain actionable insights and control by connecting building devices and systems, collecting data, and running powerful analytics.


Internet of things hub

The Azure IoT Hub supports a wide range of operating systems and protocols to connect and manage billions of sensors and devices. The IoT Hub allows secure bi-directional communication between asset and the cloud. Open-source device SDKs are available for multiple platforms facilitating easy set up for both new and existing assets.

With IoT Hub there is no need to develop a custom device management solution or waste resources maintaining geographically dispersed assets. Hub administrators can remotely maintain, update, and manage IoT assets at scale from the cloud.


In IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) scenarios Azure Stream Analytics can process millions of events per second. Multiple streams can be compared, in real time, to each other or with historical values and models. Alerts can be set up to trigger when specific anomalies, thresholds or other conditions appear in the stream.

Azure Stream Analytics delivers mission-critical resiliency with predictable performance and no data loss. Live dashboards are powered by the industry-leading Power BI business intelligence solution and can be accessed on any device anywhere in the world.

by 2018
60% of decision-makers at global enterprises are using or planning to use IoT-enabled applications.
Forrester Research,
Nov. 2016
The total cost of ownership for business operations will be reduced by 30% through smart machines and industrialized services.
Gartner, Oct. 2015
IoT will result in 15% productivity improvements for manufacturers regarding innovation delivery and supply chain performance.
IDC, March 2016