Engineer-to-Order manufacturing


Manage and integrate all aspects of complex Engineer-to-Order (ETO) projects. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers reduced delivery cycle times, greater visibility and control over project costs, and accurate cost estimates.

For ETO and project-based manufacturers, generic ERP software designed for repetitive manufacturing business models falls short. ANEGIS leverages its development expertise to deploy Dynamics 365 to meet the unique requirements of ETO manufacturers. The result is a solution that supports the heavy engineering and long-lead time characteristics of ETO manufacturing so you don’t have to force-fit your ERP solution to your business model.

Ill-fitting technology solutions guarantee higher failure rates, lower quality and higher costs. ANEGIS can implement a Dynamics 365 solution with specially-designed functionality for every aspect of your ETO manufacturing lifecycle, from concept to completion, integrating engineering with manufacturing operations, and streamlining critical processes such as estimating and quoting, and progress billing.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Supported modules

With Dynamics 365 custom solutions your business can…

Create estimates and quotes quickly and easily
Streamline the estimating and quoting processes for your ETO manufacturing projects. Create estimates based on time, value, bills of materials, and routings.
Develop project plans that combine precision and flexibility
Schedule resources efficiently for each customer engagement. Maintain visibility into manufacturing to track progress and issues, and keep track of actual costs for every project.
Integrate design and engineering into production
Integrate engineering with the manufacturing and purchasing processes, enabling key professionals in all parts of your organisation to work more effectively. For instance, easily create a bill of material in the ERP system directly from drawings in computer-aided design systems.
Harness powerful purchasing capabilities
Have access to multiple purchasing workflows, techniques, and reports so you can meet the specific requirements of each project. For instance, purchase orders can be for stock or directly for a project and purchase orders can be entered manually or automatically on a time-phased basis.
Manage production planning and scheduling efficiently
Meet the demanding advanced planning and scheduling, shopfloor data collection and workflow management requirements of engineer-to-order projects.
Access accounting functionality tailored to ETO processes
Take advantage of a wide range of functionality designed specifically to meet the accounting requirements of ETO manufacturing. Perform actual job costing, recognise revenue during a project, and efficiently implement progress billing.
Manage post-installation service and warranty processes efficiently
Deliver sophisticated service and spare parts management to leverage post-installation revenue potential and to help increase customer satisfaction.

Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) for ETO manufacturers

The ANEGIS PLM solution, integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, enables ETO manufacturers to unify engineering, manufacturing, finance and customer service processes.

Access a single source of data for the whole business – CAD, PLM, ERP and Office – that eliminates errors and data inconsistencies. All engineering and manufacturing change dependencies can be managed in a single solution.

With the ANEGIS PLM solution you can…

  • Create, plan and implement product changes while taking into account all dependencies in sales, engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing
  • Generate a list of how other product designs are affected by a product change
  • Analyse the impact a product change has on routes and work-in-progress (sales orders, production orders, purchase orders, inventories, etc.)
  • Mass replace or delete a part wherever it is used on other BOM
  • Manage the entire configuration process from quotation through engineering and production in a single system
  • Ensure that CAD and ERP data are always kept in sync with a two-way exchange of 2D/3D CAD file meta-data
  • Map and execute business processes from start to finish – sales, engineering, purchasing and manufacturing – on a single platform
  • Build custom QMS applications to meet specific quality related requirements without any coding
  • Create best-practice workflow templates with a simple, graphical drag and drop design engine
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