Advertising and marketing industry

Advertising and marketing

AXAD Agency is a complete business management solution engineered specifically for advertising and marketing communications agencies.


Give your agency the only fully integrated technology solution to streamline and manage a better and faster service for your clients. AXAD builds on the enterprise-class Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations architecture by adding the features and processes required by the advertising and marketing industry. A fully open code base allows us to custom build functionality that supports the uniqueness of your business.

  • Convert creativity into profitability
  • Optimise resource management
  • Reduce administrative expense
  • Ensure consistent creative excellence

Replace your legacy systems

Cut out the costs and inefficiencies of sub-optimally performing legacy and disparate systems.

Remove barriers to collaboration and break down information siloes. AXAD↗ places all your business processes on a single, unified platform, with real-time visibility across the entire organisation. A single and always accessible data source eliminates costly errors and an integrated system encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

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