Eton Shirts

Eton Shirts opened their first factory crafting fine men’s shirts in 1928 in Gånghester, Sweden, where their headquarters still remains. Today, Eton is a global leading shirt maker and can be found in 49 markets at some of the world's most exclusive stores.

Project tasks undertaken

  • ‍Technical specification documentation
  • Software development of D365 for Finance and Operations
  • Performance analysis of the migration process, to find the slowest parts of the crucial imports and improve them
  • D365 Testing in accordance with provided specification
  • Cooperation with Microsoft to improve and fix the standard functionality of D365

Other project features

  • ‍Data entities improved to integrate D365 with Azure SQL database (BYOD) and OData protocol
  • Automated intercompany sales order creation for different warehousing rules
  • Built a tool to manage movement journals from consignment and E-com orders
  • Excel integration to create return orders using barcode scanner
  • Built interface to external system, to transfer information about shipments using web services
  • Developed mechanism to report changes of on-hand inventory and product attribute values
  • Custom layouts for key reports, using K3 Software Fashion third-party module
  • Support for paper folding and enveloping machine for printed documents
  • Introduced reports with layout setup capability