ANEGIS Consulting specialises in Microsoft Dynamics AX systems. Our team of solution architects, consultants, developers, trainers, testers and technical support staff do nothing else. We are at the forefront of Dynamics AX advanced development and vertical market expertise.

With the world-class Microsoft ERP platform, we design, build and deploy business management systems for a wide range of medium to large companies. Our unrivalled depth of business expertise and product knowledge allows us to work closely with our customers to maximise their return on investment.

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It is our mission to ensure that ANEGIS customers achieve the maximum potential of their business using class-leading Dynamics AX software, whilst they maintain the uniqueness and individuality of approach that makes them successful in their sector.

Our personnel have worked together for over 10 years, successfully completing more than 200 ERP projects of varying size and complexity for a broad variety of customers. Our previous work includes delivery of projects featuring every version of Dynamics AX software, reaching back to 1992. This includes a sizeable number of Dynamics AX 2012 projects, together with work on the Technical Adoption Program (TAP) for the first UK implementation of Dynamics AX 2012.  We are a team of 35 certified full-time staff and a large number of specialist associate consultants all available to work towards the successful delivery of your project. We understand the full breadth and capability of the leading Microsoft ERP software and are able to tailor it to your precise business needs and ensure that you utilise the software to its full potential.



Anegis provided excellent support for our Dynamics AX Parent Company Finance installation. Their consultants are top quality, highly effective professionals.

Marie Capes
Marie CapesWPP

I have worked closely with Anegis for a few years on both large and small projects and always found them reliable, informative and very customer focussed.  The developers we worked with have an ability to discuss requirements with non-technical users and interpret this into a prototype which they demonstrate showing a great understanding of not only the development side of Dynamics AX but the functional side also. When I have needed their advice or assistance with an issue they are prompt to offer a solution.

Dawn Bluett
Dawn BluettBrookfield Utilities UK

Anegis not only deliver what we want. They deliver what we need. We are very happy to have Anegis as a partner in our business. Anegis’ consultants bring knowledge and experience to our projects that help us succeed.

Per Benteke
Per BentekeiStone

I employed Michal as a Lead Developer to help us satisfy our client development requirement on an enterprise level Dynamics AX implementation. I have worked with Michal two times now and have found him to be an excellent resource to have on any project. Due to his detailed knowledge of the Dynamics AX application and surrounding platforms, Michal is capable of providing detailed designs very quickly. The quality of his documentation is also very good, allowing you to get these designs in front of the customer in a timely fashion. Michal is an extremely good X++ developer, being able to produce code quickly to a high standard.

Phil Mackison
Phil Mackison2E2

Michal worked for me on developing a property management solution and was invaluable in identifying AX components that could be utilised to minimise bespoke development. His ability to operate in an "Agile" way helped us deliver rapid results which were essential in providing the initial momentum to the project. I would very happily engage Michal as a development partner on another project.

Gary Bull
Gary BullCrimsonwing